• Lunch menu (with drink until 15 o'clock!)

    • Grilled cheese

      750 yen ~

      Cheese sandwiched between ingredients and cheese of your choice for crispy bread baked with butter Cheese sandwich with pickles and potatoes ♪ Takeout is also possible 【Menu menu】 Plain 750 yen / salmon marinade & onion 900 yen / Thick cut bacon 980 yen / spicy beef 980 yen / grilled chicken 880 yen / Teriyaki chicken 880 yen

    • Green curry

      900 yen

      Green color curry of colored vegetables and chicken RIDER'S GARAGE.Pepper spicy flavor and aroma of herbs will be addictive! Because the bakuchi is on, people who are weak are staff!

    • Seafood gumbo rice

      1100 yen

      Gambolaise of Louisiana's local cuisine.The umami is condensed with plenty of seafood on the tomato base roux, and eating responds exceptionally!

    • Quesadilla

      1050 yen

      I chewed ingredients with cheese in tortilla and grilled it until it became a trout.Choose ingredients from Beef and Chicken, homemade sauce is mixed, it is delicious Mexican version pizza with hot sauce.Perfect for beer's snacks etc.!

    • Chicken over rice

      850 yen

      A classic menu at NY vendors (stalls)! Plenty of grilled chicken on saffron rice, finished with sour sauce and chilli sauce! Delicious !!

    • Wagyu beef tail soup

      800 yen

      It is a soup that has been cooked thoroughly and brings out the taste of Wagyu beefries.Rice noodles can be added at +100 yen.

    • Tom yam kung

      900 yen

      A rich spicy tie soup with plenty of seafood! It will be addictive.Rice noodles can be added at +100 yen.

    • Teriyaki · Kids · Bowl of rice

      450 yen

      Child Limited Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with Orange Juice.

    • Taco Rice Tosters

      850 yen

      I put taco rice on a deep-fried tortilla's vessel, add a crispy crunchy texture.Instant shine !!

    • Roast beef bowl

      980 yen

      Beyond the boom anymore, the classic of carnivorous lunch!

    • Oriental chicken plate

      750 yen

      Tasty fried chicken tangled with sweet sauce inspires appetite.

    • Slab bacon Caesar salad

      950 yen

      The combination of thickly cut bacon, home-made dressing and palmigano is the strongest salad.

  • Side order

    • French fries

    • Tortilla chips & fresh salsa

    • Buffalo Wings (6 pc)


      NY specialty, fried chicken chicken with chili.Well!



      British soul food! Huge fish and potatoes!

    • Octopus ceviche


      From Peru, octopus spicy spicy marinade.

    • Fly cheese cheese


      Everyone in the potato loves tacos and meat cheese.

    • Garage Nachos


      Riders garage original unrefined nachos! Beer is Susumu!

    • Deep-fried chicken at the royal road


      Soy sauce, sake, otogi and ginger!

    • Takitos


      Choose a chicken or jalapeno, popular in Mexico, fried with cheese rolled in tortilla.